Looking for an Interim Pastor

Our Tips Process

The average length currently of pastoral transition is about 9 months from when the transition begins until the next pastor arrives.  We have discovered this is a key time for the church to prepare for the next chapter of ministry and having an intentional interim who is called, trained and passionate is a key to successfully navigating the transition.


Benefits to the local church

  • Unity
  • Resolution of conflict
  • Agenda Harmony
  • Spiritual & Relational vitality
  • A healthier church
  • Greater Lay Involvement
  • Greater respect, commitment, & love for the denomination
  • Improved facilities & grounds/ready for company
  • A new heart to reach lost people
  • Understanding of the need for change 
  • Understand the need for, and the components of, spiritual strategic planning & a Church Action Plan
  • A heart for Church Multiplication
  • Understand the need for right core values, and a driving mission statement
  • Optimistic/Excited about the future
  • Ready for full ReFocusing, led by the new pastor

Benefits to the Judicatory Leader

  • Teaches the church to celebrate the interim time as an opportunity to grow and listen for God’s voice
  • Builds board and congregational morale during the interim & diffuses the anxiety that is VERY normal in every interim situation
  • Saves large amounts of time for the District/Judicatory leader
  • Provides high quality coaching/consulting for the local church
  • Gives access to NCS Nationally Qualified Transitional Interim Pastor’s Training
  • Provides multiple levels to choose from in the Transitional Interim Pastors process (full or part time)
  • Provides access to the NCS National Director for Transitional Pastors
  • Provides an overview of the health of the church in transition
  • Helps build spiritual & relational vitality
  • Prepares the church in understanding & implementing a ReFocus
  • Helps prepare the congregation to welcome its new pastor
  • Denominational ties are strengthened
  • Preaching & Teaching that prepares the church for a successful future