TIP Coaching


One of the strengths of the TIPs ministry is coaching.  When a “first time TIPs Pastor” takes an assignment, a Coach is assigned to them as a mentoring resource.  This is a key factor in making sure the TIPs process is managed well and has an effective outcome.  It also gives confidence to the new TIPs Pastor.

The TIPs Coach serves to answer questions, help review the action steps from the assessment report, and guides the TIPs Pastor through the unknowns of many church situations.

The Coach has the joy of hearing all the good things that are happening in the TIPs churches. Recently, I rejoiced with our TIPs Pastors in North Carolina as they shared how God has moved the church from a place of hopelessness to celebrating salvation, baptism, growth, and a renewed spirit of great hope. 

Another amazing story came from our TIPs Pastor in a North Dakota church. This church was struggling to exist and had little resources to move forward.  Through the sensitive heart of the TIPs pastor, he helped them to trust God for the next steps. Through a season of prayer, the congregation and regional leaders agreed that it was time to close the church.  In closing, the church made a decision to “give” the physical assets to other churches.  Their actions helped many other congregations to become stronger!

Many of our TIPs congregations are finding incredible strength and renewed hope for the future.  All of our TIPs Pastors are trained, dedicated and talented!  They serve with the knowledge that God loves His Church!

Don Jackson
TIPs Coach