Contextualized Assessment Systems for your District/Judicatory

Church Assessment Systems:

The only way to achieve the effective ReFocusing of a large number of churches is to build an assessment system that works within your own context and provides an accurate assessment of the current reality of the church.  NCS will work with your Judicatory/District in developing a contextualized and custom assessment system that meets your needs.  

Pastoral & Church Planter Assessment Systems:

One of the pressing needs and areas of concern for many districts/judicatories has been in the area of assessment for those in the credentialing process. NCS has developed pre-assessment and full assessments for NewStart, ReStart and ReFocusing local church leaders.  These assessments will help the leader in their journey for self-awareness and be more effective as a leader. NCS can work with a Judicatory Assessment Team, or lead and conduct Assessment services for the judicatory.

Introduction to Church Health & Natural Church Development

NCS has designed a one day seminar for your pastors and their church leaders that will provide an overview of Church Health.  The focus is on understanding Church Health, the importance of knowing your current reality and using the Natural Church Development Church Health survey.

Judicatory/District Wide Church Health Process 

NCS has worked with several Judicatories in implementing a church health system that includes Judicatory/District wide church health assessment, implementation strategies, coaching and follow up.  We build the system to meet the unique needs and desired outcomes of the Judicatory/District.