Frequently Asked Questions:

At NCS, we are committed to collecting, categorizing and communicating the best practices for launching and sustaining church health and church multiplication movements. To assist our partners, client churches and guests to NCS on the Web, below is a list of frequently asked questions. (this section of our website is still under construction)

Church Planter Recruitment

What if I'm unsure whether I am called to plant a new church?
Great! A large portion of the people we work with are exploring the same question. The initial stages of the recruitment process help people take those initial steps of faith in determining the Holy Spirit's leading. Based on our experience, God will clarify His calling and will for you as we go down this road together.
How long does the process take?
This varies depending on numerous factors, such as: in what capacity are you currently serving, flexibility in locations, certainty of "call", education/training and experiential background. For the most part, the time-frame is dependent upon your level of motivation and the availability and proximity of Assessment and NCS Training Seminars. Typically, expect it to take about a year to go through assessment, training, interviews and on-site placement. Once placed, the actual planting process normally involves at least a year.
Do I need to let my Denominational Supervisor know that I am pursuing church planting?
YES! Your DS is one of the most valuable resources you will have in pursuing a call to church planting. They can become your biggest supporter to help you envision your new direction, and tangibly provide the access to possible planting locations.
Are there very many opportunities for placement in church planting?
Definitely! Church planting has been identified as one of the most crucial components for reaching new people in local churches and directly impacting denominational growth. The reality is that it is usually much easier to start a healthy new church, than struggle over trying to ReFocus a church that needs to change. There are multitudes of communities throughout the United States and the world that still don't have a healthy and effective church.
How much is this going to cost me?
There are no fees associated with the initial stages of exploring the church planting process. At NCS, our aim is to help each person gain clarity, and confirmation of their call to planting, before any monetary investment is needed. Once initial learning takes place, there are fees associated with Assessment, New Church University and Coaching. However, if you are planting a church within a denominational family or are being sponsored by a parent church, most of these costs will be covered in your church planting budget.
Do you help with placement?
Yes! Because of our numerous Partner Judicatory & Denominational relationships, New Church Specialties is able to help potential planters get in touch with denominations and judicatories that are in need of planters.
Is there any help once I am placed and serving in a church plant location?
Yes! Our philosophy is not one of "sink or swim" but one of "swim or swim." On-going support through coaching after your training is just as important as New Church University training itself. NCS has a national network of coaches who are available to help planters through those inevitable "speed bumps" along the planting road.
How do you know that NCS's training program will work in "my" community?
NCS is a "principle based," not "program based." Because of this we help YOU determine the Church Action Plan which is right for your community and specific location. Since you know your area the best, we don't try and "cookie cut" the plan, but rather walk church planters through a training process to achieve clear, desired outcomes. At NCS, we are also a learning organization, and continue to learn lessons from NewStart churches and church planters across the world.