We began keeping a record of the services donated to NCS in 2002.  Since that time, the  total donated services to date has been over $1.25 million for which we praise God! To help support our efforts to offer scholarships to Local Churches, pastors, and the International Church, click on the donate button above.  Thank you and God bless!!

NCS has committed to provide donated coaching and consulting to individuals and churches who are unable to fully pay for our services.  We serve the small church by giving away tens of thousands of dollars in both scholarships and other donated services when we sense genuine need.  We are able to do this because the faithful giving of the NCS Support Team helps cover the cost of these services.  As NCS International continues to develop, a greater percentage of our donated services is provided to church leaders around the world.

Commitments to Our Donors:  

We believe that the way an organization handles its finances is a reflection of its integrity in every other area.  We have established, clear guidelines on the way NCS resources are raised and used.

Funding Philosophy:

From the beginning, the NCS funding philosophy has been a combination of individual and organizational contributions, as well as income from fees for services rendered.

NCS Annual Reports:

Each year, the NCS Executive Director is responsible to deliver an Annual Report of the activities and achievements of NCS to our Board of Directors.  This is done at the Annual NCS Board Dinner, usually held the second Wednesday of December.

Estate Planning:  

At NCS, we believe it is the responsibility of every Christian to be generous with and further the work of God's Kingdom through the careful planning of your estate.

Friends of NCS Updates:

We have also learned the benefit of maintaining regular communication with our consulting staff, coaching staff, support staff, NCS Board Members and a host of NCS friends.

Legacy Churches:

NCS provides on-site coaching/consulting to churches who need assistance in how best they can leave a legacy during the "legacy development phase" of their church life.