Church Planter Assessment:

Planting a new church is a very specialized calling and requires a unique gift mix.   Before you embark on the path to become a church planter, we at NCS strongly recommend that you be assessed!  In fact, we do not enter into formal coaching agreements with planters who have not passed a formal or informal assessment process.

Click on the REVIEW button to take a short self-assessment exercise that will help you to become more familiar with the 13 key characteristics that research shows many church planters share.

Lonnie Bullock, the CEO of NCS, has been trained by Dr. Charles Ridley (psychologist from Indiana University who has researched church planters, and has published the13 characteristics that became "the standard" for what numerous denominations began looking for in church planters).

NCS utilizes those 13 characteristics in behavioral interviewing and has conducted over 100 church planter assessments over the past 15 years.

One-Day Behaviorial Assessment

3-Day Assessment Center       

Characteristics of Effective Church Planters