TIPS...2015 update

o   78 Tips agreements completed since 2008 – 16 churches currently being served 

o   6 denominations and multiple judicatories 

o   The average congregational vote of the next pastor has been 94% with several that were unanimous. 

o   The church health scores have increased an average of 18 during the interim. 

o   In every church there has been a movement from anxiety to anticipation and an incredible sense of unity. 

o   We have a team of over 20 pastors who have committed to the ministry of helping church in pastoral transition.

o   We have served churches from as small at 50 to as large as 1700 in average attendance. 

o   It is an affordable option to help churches thrive during the transition.

o   The average length of service is 13 months.  The agreements are written for 9 months and extended as needed until the next pastor is selected.