"Pastor Nate & Janette are about to finish up their time here with the Fellowship family and we are searching for our permanent pastor.  This time with them, both, has been amazing and we have all learned sooooo much from them.  They are both wonderful servants for the Lord and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needed a LEADERSHIP team who can teach LOVE, PRAYER & UNITY….   Our time together has been amazing and, as the only original planter left at Fellowship, I've seen more Spiritual growth in these past 18 months with them both serving Christ and leading this congregation TOGETHER,  husband and wife,  than I've seen since we planted the church.  PRAISE GOD!  They will be missed!

Our church has re-casted its vision and come together 100% unified in its leadership board as well as congregation over these past 18 months and I can not say THANK YOU loud enough to Pastor Nate, Janette, Lonnie Bullock, David Hayes and the rest of the NCS TEAM, including all of the prayer warriors. It has been a WONDERFUL experience in every way!  If I could wish for anything to have been different I would wish we would have found you all sooner than we did.

Fellowship has been through a lengthy process to get to this place of health and we could not have done it with out the NCS TEAM.  On behalf of the entire board of Fellowship Church of God, THANK YOU!"

Michele Powell (March 2016)
Fellowship Church of God, Bradenton, FL 

"Sharon and I were at First Wesleyan a week ago to install the new co-pastors. The atmosphere was electric! The sanctuary was full, the energy palpable, the enthusiasm contagious, the worship team led with spirit and passion. It was a completely different church from June 2014. You deserve much of the credit. I wanted to express my gratitude to you again.
The following Sunday they had 250 people in church - 25 people came to faith in Christ! It's a new day for the church. They have hope and momentum. I am so grateful.

Ed Rotz (July 2015)
Kansas Wesleyan District

"We were very happy with our TIPS experience. A new Senior Pastor was able to step into a healthy environment with awareness and unity." 

Isaac Smith
Dakota Wesleyan District

"I have used a NCS trained Interim Pastor three times over the past three years. Every experience has been highly successful in moving the churches involved from "anxiety to anticipation." This service has provided strategic interventions that have been critical in helping the churches involved be much better prepared for the permanent pastor. I highly recommend TIPs!"      

Lee Woolery
Northwest Indiana Nazarene District

"Our church's decision to use the Transitional Interim Pastor route was a real blessing. Pastor Mark Butcher helped us in ways we had not even considered.  He was well skilled in helping the church assess where we were and what we wanted for the future.  He coordinated that assessment for the congregation and for the Board, and then supported the Board in processing both of those assessments and focusing on what qualities we needed in our next pastor. The process equipped us to move forward and move forward with confidence that we had identified our situation and our needs.

He trained the Board to understand differing interview techniques and honed our skills as we prepared to interview pastoral candidates.  He helped the Board prepare for a new pastor. It was an excellent process undertaken during regular monthly meetings and a real blessing to the entire church. In retrospect, we were thankful to have had the training as we interviewed and called a new pastor.

We were hurting and he helped us heal.  He and his wife Paula are a warm and giving couple.  He has a great sense of humor but is willing to have a difficult discussion where needed.  Because he is not under consideration for a permanent position he is free to address those difficult situations that someone following the long time pastor might not be ready to address when first coming into a congregation."

Susan Hufman
Chair, 2012 - 2013 Board of Trustees
Leavenworth Church of the Nazarene

"The work of TIPs has positively impacted seven of my churches as they journeyed through transition times. I've used these pastors in churches of different sizes and facing different circumstances. I've seen churches with long term pastors be helped by having some time and space to reflect and evaluate before calling their next pastor. I've witnessed some hurting congregations find this time to be healing as they were led by experienced pastors who were not afraid to confront the hard issues. I've watched some stagnant churches come alive as a leader came to help them take honest assessments and help them get unstuck. Again and again I've watched as the Spirit has used the skills, heart, and wisdom of gifted pastoral leaders guide a congregation from a resignation to the calling of a new pastor."

Randy Craker
Northwest Nazarene District