Taking Care of the Soul


I took my soul health cues from a Benedictine Nun.  We met together over time and developed what she called a “rule” for my life.  This pattern included daily times of prayer, scripture and thanksgiving, weekly half-days for prayer and solitude, weekly days off and quarterly 1-2 night retreats for rest, quiet and refocus.

And then I got better at ministry.  And as I grew busier. I somehow believed I no longer needed so much prayer and time for my soul.  I had God memorized.  It wasn’t long before I had lost my way, and nearly my soul. 

Do you have a rule?  Do you have a daily, weekly, quarterly and annual pattern of soul maintenance and renewal?  If your answer is no, it is likely that you will soon, or have already run out of anything but yourself to give to others.  And you are not the good news.

Soul Care is a year of quarterly two night retreats focused on finding balance in your dizzying ministry world.  Soul Care is a chance to reestablish the borders of your devotion.  Soul Care is a place to come away and be with Christ.  Should Soul Care be your next step?  


David Hayes

NCS Soul Care Coordinator