Strategic Planning:

Strategic Planning Retreat

This two day (usually a retreat setting) with the District/Judicatory Leadership Team will walk through the development of a one to two year strategic plan.  The plan will include specific goals that will guide the District/Judicatory to implementing an Integrated Healthy Church Multiplication System.

Building Mission, Vision and Core Values in the Local Church

This training is offered as either a one day seminar or in a 2 day retreat type setting. The one day seminar is designed for pastors and lay leaders and provides resources and training on developing Mission, Vision and Core Value statements for the local church.

This two day retreat type setting (usually over a Friday night to Sunday afternoon) with the leadership team of the church is led by an NCS consultant. The desired outcomes for the retreat are to complete a mission statement, determine core values and a first draft vision document. The consultant will be available to preach on Sunday morning with a focus on the importance of vision.

Changing the Climate

We have observed that a number of district/judicatories continue to have several critical gaps, especially in the areas of district multiplication climate, agenda harmony and strategic planning. 

This contextualized 2-day event is designed to assist judicatory leaders and their leadership teams in building a holistic strategic plan. Topics to be addressed include...

  • Health & multiplication
  • Mission, vision and core values
  • Judicatory assessment
  • Changing the Climate
  • Building agenda harmony
  • Finances
  • Action plan
  • Next step strategies