Parent a Healthy, Multiplying Church

Below are 10 Steps to Parenting a healthy, multiplying church that have been put together by the staff of NCS across the years.  A special thanks goes to Phil Stevenson, pioneer for Church Parent Training with NCS, who is now the General Director of Evangelism and Church Growth for the Wesleyan denomination.

Check out these helpful, practical ideas...

Step 1: The leader must catch the vision

Step 2: Create a burden through prayer

Step 3:  Cast the vision to the congregation.

Step 4:  Cultivate the resources.

Step 5:  Consider the opportunities.

Step 6:  Chart a course.

Step 7:  Count the cost.

Step 8:  Celebrate the release.

Step 9:  Concentrate on recovery.

Step 10:  Conceive again.

The THREE BIGGEST MISTAKES in Church Parenting...