Leadership Training

Being an Effective and Empowered Leader

This one day workshop is designed for the Pastor and leaders in the local church. The focus of the workshop centers on three critical areas of leadership - Character, Competency, and Confidence.  During the workshop we help leaders work through a self-assessment exercise and develop a plan to become more effective leaders in the church, their families and community.

Church Board Leadership in the 21st Century 

This one day workshop is designed for current church board members and future church board members.  The focus of the workshop is to determine the role of the church board in the 21st century.  We talk about the difference between being a board led church and a staff led church. 

Training of Leaders

This is a workshop designed for equipping lay leaders in the local church to lead.  It can be used as a refresher for those in leadership roles and a primer for those who evidence the gift of leadership but have not yet led. The manual comes in two parts; a six week course and follow up seven-week course, addendums, power points and exercises are included to enhance the learning experience. 

The Spiritual Formation of Leaders

This one day workshop designed for local church leaders covers topics such as; What is your Spiritual Quotient?; Means of Grace:  How Christians Grow; Growth Tools and the Ministry of Mentoring.  We will also introduce the training of leaders curriculum and talk about how it can be used in the local church.

Effective Governing Boards in the 21st century

What is the role of the Governing Board in today's church?  During this one day workshop with the church board we provide an assessment of effectiveness and identify the key issues facing the local board. We will provide models of effective boards and help the board determine their role in leading the church.  This is a very hands on workshop for current board members.  

Falling in Love with the Church

This one day seminar designed for pastors and lay leaders gives emphasis to falling in love with the church, connecting with your community of faith and becoming the church God has designed the church to be.

Developing Leaders in the Local Church

This one day seminar is designed for pastors to help them create a climate for developing leaders.  Some of the topics include identifying potential leaders, tools for self-awareness, developing emotionally healthy leaders, keys for spiritual growth among leaders and the importance of character development.

Healthy Pastors Leading Healthy Churches

This one day workshop designed for pastors, takes a look at the importance of self-awareness in finishing strong.  We will take a look at character, competency and confidence and how they relate to being a healthy leader.  We talk about balance and the importance of a strong marriage.