Changing the Climate Detail:

Developing and Implementing a Judictory Prayer Strategy

  • Every leader with intercessors
  • Recruiting and developing a prayer team
  • Creating a climate for spiritual renewal  

Identifying the Key Roles of District/Judicatory Leaders

  • The 5 Emerging Hats of District/Judicatory Leaders
  • District/Judicatory Strategic Thinking

Establishing a Healthy Foundation (The BIG Rocks)

  • District/Judicatory Evaluation
  • Mission, Vision & Core Values
  • How to Determine Judicatory Values
  • What does God want us to look like 5 years from now?

Doing a "Current Reality" Assessment

  • Church analysis grid sheet & Church Health Surveys
  • Standardizing your "dashboard indicators"

Building Effective Judicatory Structures

  • What functional Judicatory structures require
  • Changing the schedule within existing structures

Determining Judicatory Priorities

  • How do we evaluate Judicatory priorities?
  • 6 Steps in developing clear Judicatory priorities

Evaluating Judicatory Programs & Activities

  • Priority & program fit

Agenda Harmony / Raising the Spiritual Temperature

  • Building health & multiplication movement momentum
  • Overcoming agenda harmony obstacles
  • Communication plan - - pacing change

Leveraging Judicatory Resources

  • Judicatory people, time & money

Action Planning & Next Step Strategies