Funding Philosophy:

From the beginning, the NCS funding philosophy has been a combination of individual and organizational contributions, as well as income from fees for services rendered. NCS Support Team members who share the vision of NCS provide 10% of our operating capital each year. The other 90% of our income comes from coaching and consulting fees, partner services, resources sales, training events and other services we provide.

Another way of looking at it, the 10% of our budget that comes from contributions is what allows the other 90% of our ministry services to be delivered. In “assisting the starting and strengthening of Christian churches worldwide,” while we must pay attention to financial realities, we are never driven by them.  That is why, beyond our fees for service, our vision is to raise $2 million to fund the achievement of what we believe God is calling us to do both in North America and throughout the world. The amount of NCS donations to date through 2013 is over $800,000.