How Do I Choose a Coach?

Our team of nationally qualified coaches have all been successful NewStart, ReStart, ReFocusing or Parent church leaders. They understand the NCS Training System very well and are there to help you implement your Church Action Plan with skill, accountability and encouragement.

There are usually four parties involved in NCS Coaching Contracts:

  1. The individual being coached
  2. The NCS Coach
  3. District/Judicatory Leader
  4. The NCS Office

NCS never "assigns" a coach because we believe that good coaching is best delivered when "affinity" is present. For that reason, when an individual has completed New Church University and is seeking to secure a coach, the NCS office suggests two or three coaches for them to interview. The individual being coached makes the final decision regarding coach selection. Here are the basic steps to follow in securing an NCS qualified coach:

  1. Contact the NCS Coaching Office, expressing your interest in securing a coach.
  2. Fill out a Coaching Request form which assesses your particular situation.
  3. Interview and select a coach from among the individuals sent to you for consideration.
  4. Inform the NCS Coaching Office of your decision and ask them to draw up a first-draft contract.
  5. NCS will e-mail the initial contract to all parties involved for approval.
  6. After both feedback and approval from all parties involved, the contract is put into effect.