Passionate Spirituality Seminars

The Spiritual Formation of Leaders

This one day workshop designed for local church leaders covers topics such as: What is your Spiritual Quotient; Means of Grace; How Christians Grow; Growth Tools and the ministry of mentoring.  We will also introduce the training of leaders curriculum and talk about how it can be used in the local church.

Creating a Climate for Spiritual Renewal

This one day seminar designed for pastors and lay leaders is designed to give practical tools on developing an atmosphere of renewal.  Some of the topics include; Personal renewal through Sabbath rest and spiritual retreats; Developing a strong intercession team; Focused Living; Building spiritual accountability into our lives.

Developing an Intercession/Prayer Strategy

This one day workshop designed for church leaders and prayer warriors will lead the church in developing an Intercession/Prayer strategy. Prayer does not prepare us for the battle - it is the battle.

Spiritual Renewal Weekend

The focus of the renewal weekend is helping those in the church to live fully into their Spiritual Freedom.  We focus on the four key events in scripture to help people walk into their freedom -- Christmas Grace; Crucifixion Confession; Resurrection Power and Pentecostal Purity.  The schedule includes worship services on Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning.