Empowering Leadership

Effective leaders consider it as one of their most important tasks to help Christians develop greater degrees of empowerment.  They equip, support, motivate, and mentor individuals to become all that God wants them to be.

The Church Health Survey results provide scores in 4 specific areas of Empowering Leadership... 
Leaders empower others
Leadership fit
Delegation and sharing of ministry
Compelling vision

At a NewStart/ReStart/ReFocus Universities, we provide training in...
Discovering your Leadership Style – (SOI Inventory)
Hiring your first team leader
Building a complimentary team
Equipping a leadership base
Understanding potential leadership landmines
When to add a staff member and how to hire and fire

** Desired Outcome – Written plan for developing a leadership team and a volunteer system.

NCS can provide your church with seminars that address the level of empowerment in within your leadership.  Click below for a brief description of each...